Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SPRING! at Cinnamon Creek

As a 21 year old guy I am not the stereotypical primitive lover, but that hasn’t stopped me from growing to love and more importantly appreciate the primitive style and the artists who create so many of these pieces by hand. I suppose I have one of my favorite people to thank for this… Dru Ann McCarty of Cinnamon Creek, without Cinnamon Creek I would be somewhere in a land of Ikea and mass-produced stuff… but luckily she has taught me the importance of preserving the past and the importance of respecting the hand-crafted works that are made by American artists. Dru’s work, which I am a huge admirer of are largely one-of-a-kind pieces… each piece comes with its own character and personality. Since I first stepped foot into the cabin I have looked forward to each and every visit. Most of these visits include me taking my camera. In the past few years I have taken quite a few photos at Cinnamon Creek… throughout March I will be sharing some of my favorites each week, leading up to the open house at Cinnamon Creek on March 26, 2011. The Cabin is located in western Kentucky.

The above images are some of my favorite vintage pieces from the Cabin. Next week I'll be sharing bears, or dolls, or maybe santas, who knows!

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