Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Simplicity Life!

Faith Hill sang about it in The Secret of Life, a Facebook friend of mine refers to it as “a life less ordinary,” and I call it “the simplicity life.” No matter what you call your secrets to living a good life it seems that there are a few universal ideals that make this journey called life a little bit sweeter with every day. Over the past year it has been my goal to figure out which of these ideals are most important to me. The journey hasn’t been particularly easy, but it has been part of the greater journey that we call life. For me the most important aspect of “The Simplicity Life” is keeping it about the little things. Everyday there are little things that just make me smile, or thing, or get me excited. I’ve quickly realized that these little things center around good living, good design, good food, and good people. So here you’ll find the little things that make up my life, most of the time they’ll focus on what I find to be fresh, what I find to be simplistic, and what I find to make this journey that much sweeter. As you embark on this journey you’ll see that I constantly have my camera with me. Here is my place to share the photos that come from the lenses of my life. Here is where I hope to share my ideas on making life sweeter, my ramblings about the things that get me excited, the designs that ignite my passions, and the elements that for me create Simplicity.

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  1. I like it.... the whole concept, the music, your style is unique. Your photography is awesome. This is the Ben I know and adore. Maybe you'll like blogging. I'll be watching.